I will send you hand made leather sandals from Kenya


About This Gig

We offer a wide range of hand crafted sandals from Kenya!

These Kenyan Maasai sandals are stylish, easy to transport (while you are travelling) and will last a lifetime. They are hand made from high quality leather and recycled rubber from tires and other sources. They are comfortable for indoor and outdoor wear.

They are a must have unique accessory to add to your glamorous and trendy wear.  

Units are available for all genders and age. All we need is your shoe size, we will provide incredible pictures and we will also include a surprise gift for random customers. The first 50 are guaranteed.

Once payment is and you have made your choice, shipping will be done. Shipping varies since there are peak periods. You will be notified when your item(s) have been sent and receive a screenshot of the freight documents.

We will wait for your acceptance message, comments and review :)

Well its time to be the unique person in your block, we are waiting for your inquiries. Get your Kenyan Maasai sandals today!

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Sandals for you

This is the starting price for our trendy sandals. We will provide photos and price for each pair.

14 days delivery