I will tell the spiritual cause of a specific problem

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tell the spiritual cause of a specific problem

About This Gig

Mandatory : Write to me about your problem before ordering.

Is life pulling you down?

Are you sick and tired of trying to figure things out with no success?

Would you like to know what  limiting beliefs, emotions, chakras are affected and maintain a problem?

A regular session with me costs $240-$360 per hour. Here exclusively to help at unbeatable prices.

Feel free to pour your heart out to me, run by me any concerns no matter how taboo. The problem could be about love, money, anxiety, phobias, scarcity mentality, low self esteem, weight issues...anything. One problem per gig, yet be specific.

I want to be very clear with you in all aspects. A basic gig offers you 150 words answer to "What is the root cause of your problem"? My work will save you many therapy sessions because knowing is winning half the battle. 

My gig extras provide you with professional spiritual healing.

Don’t let the life you want slip away, uncover your answers today.

Knowing is real power.