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Discovery of Deadly coronavirus in tomb bat : Mers

The deadly Mers coronavirus has been isolated in a bat in Saudi arabia. The virus was detected in a faecal sample taken from an Egyptian tomb bat, collected close to the home of the first known Mers victim. 

The Mers coronavirus first emerged in the Middle East last year. So far, there have been 94 confirmed cases and 47 deaths. While the virus has been spreading between humans, most cases are thought to have been caused by contact with an animal. But scientists have struggled to work out which one.

Samples taken from different bat species found close to the home of the first known victim of Mers. Of the 1,000 samples collected, only one taken from the Egyptian tomb bat contained the virus. 

Researchers are now looking to see if camels and other animals are involved in spreading the virus. The finding suggests that bats could be the origin of the disease, but scientists are looking for another animal that is involved in its spread. Samples taken from camels, sheep, goats and cattle are now being analysed. 

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