I will teach you basics of photoshop

teach you basics of photoshop
teach you basics of photoshop
teach you basics of photoshop

About This Gig

-Do you have photos you love but it doesn't look that good ?
-Do you want to edit your photos by yourself without the need of anyone else ?
-Did you try or even dream to know how to use photoshop but you couldn't ?
-Today you can make you dream come true.cause I'm gonna teach you everything about Photoshop from the basic task menus to designing.

what I offer to teach is :
-basic menus and tools of photoshop
-basic images editing
- Photo Corrections
> Noise removal (grainy look to images)
> Color correction
> Under/Over exposure correction (pictures that are too dark or too bright)
- Portrait Retouching
> Removal of wrinkles, blemishes, or stray hairs
> Smoothing skin

I also offer teaching some basics about designing .

this course is 30 hours over 20 days. it will be over skype
note :the 5$ only cover teaching of task menus and tools .

please contact me in messages first  before ordering

N.B: I had an accident and i had been in hospital then therapy for about 4 months that's why you may find some people ordered and their orders weren't completed but they didn't contact me first before ordering
but I promise there won't be delays in your orders