I will write a High Quality Article up to 400 words

write a High Quality Article up to 400 words

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High Quality Articles For a Fraction of the Cost:


The time it takes to create a well written article can take over an hour, and that does not even include research. For $5 (the seller getting $4) this can be a pain in the butt to do for a true native speaker residing in a country like Canada and the US where the minimum wage for most jobs is over $10 an hour. This results in many writers who are foreign to the English language selling their attempts or English speaking writers selling spun articles. Both cases result in horrible SEO and distant any true viewers away (who wants to read spun and boring work). 


Higher a English speaking University student! That's right most students like myself have no time to work a "real" job but that does not mean we can not write! Exclusively on Fiverr I am offering 100% pure English content written from scratch up to 400 words. Any sort of writing piece is welcome!

About me:

I attend University in Canada and have a very high GPA and am working on obtaining a degree in Cellular Biology with a minor in English. I do not take shortcuts (like spinning) and you can rest assured that I will be willing to always talk to my buyers. 


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