I will do any writing services needed for $5

/ 1 Days On Average

About This Gig

So you need a resume, want to write a book, or need a great proposal just can not find the time to fit it into your busy life. I have been in your shoes that why. Have you ever dreamed of being a famous writer? Yet just don't know where to get started.Alicia Howard Presents: Consultant & Writing Services is here to help you self publish or get published with a publishing company. 

Also owner of Alicia Howard Presents we have sold over 50,000 E books/Paperbacks combined. 20+ titles and over 900 reviews on Amazon.

I will give you the information you need to self publish for $5.00 this includes:
  1. Two self publishing sites.
  2. Graphics Designer information for your cover.
  3. One promoter to promote your work once up.

I also have extra gigs
  1. Package One: We will setup your self publishing site for you. (One site for $25.00)
  2. Package Two: We will setup two of your self publishing sites and walk you through how to upload your work for $75.00
  3. Package Three: We will setup two self publish sites and upload three of your stories for you on each site for $125.00 (additional loads $25)

Bonus Gig: We will submit your manuscript to two
 publishing companies for $25. (additional companies available $5 a company)