I will advertise music, book, film on popular radio show

Good communications, and I'm pleased with the publicity we'll receive for one of our authors' latest books. It's a good match for her readers, and this seems like a great marketing opportunity for us.
Reviewed by janechristmas 5 months ago
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Thanks for the quick update and nice-sounding recording! Looking forward to having it advertised. Thanks again!
Reviewed by benglishtea over 1 year ago
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Good Experience!
Reviewed by ssphinx over 1 year ago
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Brilliant! I recommend this Gig to anyone who wants to get their product out there. I love it and will be using again
Reviewed by wombat87 over 1 year ago
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awesome! I love that you included the price thanks a lot
Reviewed by katieclopton over 1 year ago
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advertise music, book, film on popular radio show
advertise music, book, film on popular radio show

About This Gig

Advertise your music, books, or short films on our popular internet radio show to all of our listeners! 

Our show is on at PRIME TIME on Thursdays and our listeners access it from any device! We are heard throughout the United States and even in the VIRGIN ISLANDS!!! Your business will be advertised EVERYWHERE!!!

Level 2 Seller!!!

We are currently available on BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, TuneIn AND Sticher! Talk about coverage!!!

Once your piece is on my Podcast it is archived there forever so you will always have promotion with us!!!!

For $5, we will play your song, read a synopsis of your book, or read a preview of your movie on 1 show. 

Were you looking for more coverage?

Check my gig extras below for more exposure! We'll post your piece on our website and promote it on all of our social media sites! (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more!!!)

I will send you the link to the show with your piece in it.

**no religious art and no porn or sexual content please**