I will guest author on your Christian blog

guest author on your Christian blog

About This Gig

I take great pride in my Christian faith. As a young person in the Catholic church, it is my duty to share the faith with every person I possibly can. Combined with my proficiency in blog writing, I feel that I can be a great addition to your Christian-centered blog or site. My post will focus on young people in the church - the next generation of faithful adults ready and willing to serve and spread love. With lots of experience in various Christian youth events such as the National Catholic Youth Conference, I will bring a new youthful perspective on religion to readers of all ages.

Unlimited revisions and 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely happy, I'll happily refund your money.

1,000 words is standard, but I offer 500 more for only $5. This should me more than enough to share my faith with the world. 

Contact me with any questions or custom requests. God bless!

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1,000 words of authentic witness to the faith from a young Christian faithful.

1 day delivery unlimited Revisions