I will review and critique your website

review and critique your website
review and critique your website

About This Gig

Your shop, your sub box page, your photography page, whatever kind of website you have I will review it. 

You can ask 5 questions- example - what what your first impression of the website? -example- was it easy to find my albums? -example- was the product photography appealing?

and I will give you a review based on what I would be looking for as a consumer.
example- It took me 5 mins and serious searching to find your contact me form
example- Your front page is lovely but it's not clear by the front page what you are selling
example- You had a tab that said "what's in the box" but when I clicked on it, expecting a list or photos I got a simple "it's different every month" - so i was disappointed. I would rather you not have that button if you weren't going to give me real info. 
example- You have lovely music on your page but there is no way for your viewer to mute or turn of the music, in case they need to. 

Order Details

1-10 pages of your website.

I can answer 5 questions & then give you a consumer critique of what is great and what is needed.

1 day delivery