I will fixed html css website bugs

fixed html css website bugs

About This Gig

I will do fixing to your website based on your requirement. 

Depending on how hard it is, it will be delivered at most of 3 days. Normally it will takes only few hours.

If you get trouble with your website, dont hesitate to buy this gig. This guy will help you remove the bug and fix it with ease.

Why Buy This Gig From Me 
1. I am Certified web developer from CodersTrust. 
2. I guaranteed that if i could not fix your bug, i will refund it 100% without any question.
3. Superfast delivery. I always online everyday. Thats mean, i will deliver all my gigs at the fastest time. Even if you buy basic gig, if i can finish it within only 1 hour, i will help you deliver it as soon as possible.
4. Easy to communicate. I have good english understanding, if you can't write good english, i also welcome to help. We can communicate in the private message if you have any question and request.
5. You can have and relax with a cup of coffee or playing video games while i help you fix those bugs.

Order Details


Fix up to 3 bugs of your website.

3 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is real it only cost $5 ?
    Yes, with $5 gig, you will have your bug fix.
  • What is extras ?
    Extra gigs is additional gigs on top of the basic gigs. if let say you want to see where the fix occur, you can request extra gig for commenting the additional code.
  • What is the estimated time delivery?
    For basic gigs, i mention it will takes up to 3 day. But why i want to wait for 3 day if i can finish it within hours. But for sure, if you see there are my gigs, and you want it to be as fast as possible, you still can buy extras for faster delivery. It is fair and square right?
  • How if you could not fixed my bug?
    If that is the case, i will makesure you will have 100% refund of your money. I don't want to take your money if i couldn't deliver as expected.