I will blast10 Contextual Gov Killer Backlinks Pr7 to Pr4

blast10 Contextual Gov Killer Backlinks Pr7 to Pr4

About This Gig

This is the first time we are offering TEN REAL .GOV Contextual Backlinks as a fiverr Gig!

By now you probably know the power of a backlink from a REAL AMERICAN .GOV domains.

These GOV links are trusted by Google because they simply cannot be purchased or obtained commercially.

Luckily, I’ve found some ingenious methods through which I can get you a bunch of .GOV contextual links with the content you provide me.

Here are some of the TEN REAL American .GOV Sites (PR4 to PR7) on which we will post for you...

1. http://mo.gov – PR7
2. http://oregon.gov – PR7
3. http://wa.gov – PR7
4. http://nola.gov – PR6
5. http://cookcountyil.gov – PR6
6. http://somervillema.gov – PR6
7. http://raleighnc.gov – PR6
8. http://redmond.gov – PR5
9. http://weatherfordtx.gov – PR4
10. http://wellingtonfl.gov – PR4

  • Note: You need to give me the  content to be posted on these sites.
  • It can be same content version or multiple different content versions.
  • They can all pointiong to different URLs and with different keywords!
  • You can give me spintax version or spun content also!

Order Details

3 days delivery