I will write the verses to any song of your choice

write the verses to any song of your choice

About This Gig

I will write the lyrics to a rap song for you. I will focus on three main things -
 Story Line
    Every song has a story line. Whether it is a love song, a Taylor Swift song, or just a song about life and reality, your song must be able to keep the storyline. The lyrics should reveal the frame of mind of the artist and capture the emotions.
Figures Of Speech
     What most people look for besides the beat is the metaphors and word play.Your Lyrics should have all that and more. Punchlines are key and you will get the punchlines that open the door to the great song you want.
Entire Content :
     If you need the lyrics to a rap song, I will write you 2 verses with at least 16 lines in each verse. That is at least 32 lines for both verses. It will most likely be longer but this is just the minimum guarantee.
    If you need the lyrics to a rock song. I will write you two verses of 4 lines or more and the hook. If you want the song to contain a two line bridge, request that in your order.
   If you also want a poetic, I am at your service ad I will pay attention to both the tone and language.
 I look forward to writing the great lyrics you deserve.

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5 days delivery