I will sing 15 seconds of any song

sing 15 seconds of any song
sing 15 seconds of any song

About This Gig

For $5 I will record 15 seconds of your song professionally in my home studio with my condenser microphone.

If you would like more than 15 seconds, please purchase multiple gigs. i.e. 60 seconds is 4 orders at $5 each, 3 minutes is 12 gigs at $5 each 

For a Demo of me singing different genres you can watch this video: 

Message me for a FREE low quality demo of your song.

YOU MUST PURCHASE THE AMOUNT OF GIGS TO COVER THE LEAD VOCALS FIRST then you can add gig extras to cover harmonies etc.

I will send you back your order as a dry vocal track (no mixing, layers or doubles) in WAV (16 bit) format  unless you ask me to send it in another format. 

Please note: 
  • I will only re-do if I have made an error.  
  • I do not record any videos of myself.
  • I do not write compose music/instrumentals