I will find you the answer to a quick question

find you the answer to a quick question

About This Gig

For me, the internet is like cloud storage for my brain, that happens to include the answers to damn near everything. My closest friends all roll their eyes when I real time fact check and research during conversations, but also truly appreciate and make use of my talent/affliction when they need to know something (or want their taxes done). And I don't mind one bit. So, you got a question? Are you staring at something that would make a ton more sense if someone said it in plain English?  Wondering if you're getting a good deal on something? Trying to remember something you recall a few details of but not the actual name of the thing? Need to fact check something someone told you, saw on tv or on the internet? I can probably help. Whatever it is, just hit me up and ask away. Send a message with your question, I may not get back to you instantly, BUT when I do, if I could find the answer to your question I will have it ready for you.