I will make a list of home owners behind on property tax payments

make a list of home owners behind on property tax payments

About This Gig

Looking to find your next investment before everyone else does? If you love the deals you can get on foreclosures/tax sales, but hate the growing amount of competition for them, this is one way to beat them to the punch. After you give me your target area, I will comb through the property tax records for you to find home owners that have been neglecting to pay their property tax long enough to have gotten a warning of the consequences but not yet long enough to have the property show up in a public notice as a tax sale property. Since they have not yet started the process of their home being auctioned off, in many cases you will be the first investor to contact the home owner rather than being just another buyer in a sea of them bombarding the owners after it all hits the fan. The home owner gets to sell before having to face having their home sold on the courthouse steps and you aren't competing with every other investor in town for their attention. Most investors I know simply do not have the time to dredge through the tax records to find this information. You've got enough on your plate! Let me do the legwork for you!

Order Details

3 days delivery

List of 50 Home Owners

Names & Addresses of 50 homeowners with 2+yrs tax non payment

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What areas do you serve?
    I can find home owners in any state in the U.S!