I will consulting for small business growth, or personal coaching

consulting for small business growth, or personal coaching
consulting for small business growth, or personal coaching

About This Gig

I am offering my time, for 5$ for 15 minutes of business or personal coaching. I specialize in indirect+direct marketing, sales systems and management coaching, Social media marketing, and small business strategy. I have also mentored tons of college students, so I love to help people in all facets. If you want coaching for your personal life as well, I am very happy to do that! What ever problem you are having in your business or personal life, or whatever you are trying to improve I can help

I may not be a world class consultant with a ton of MBA's, (which is why I am not charging thousands of dollars for my time) but I am a young entrepreneur with a ton of experience and a desire to help others. I also understand this current generation quite well. As a freshman in college I started a contracting business that grew to $77,080 in revenue. Sophmore year, sales peaked at $471,394.

Why do I do this? I have a strong desire to help others, I price my time low because this is leisure for me and I love to connect with like minded people. Also am trying to build up a reputation so anybody who wants to work with me is a huge help and I will go miles for you.

Order Details

15 Minutes of analysis and coaching

I have experience and skills in direct marketing, sales, small bus strategy, as well as social media

2 days delivery 3 Revisions
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if you can't help fix my problem 100% or help my in my desired areas?
    As a consultant all I can do is give value based on my knowledge and experience. If I can't fix your problem or weakness I can get you closer. There is no magic pill for achieving anything, but I can guarantee you the value I can provide and wisdom will be worth way more than 5$.