I will proofread and edit 1000 words

proofread and edit 1000 words

About This Gig

Ef you want your artciel to sell, it neeeds to be eror freee.

How many of you cringed when you came across the first line?

92% of people will instantly stop reading the article when they see a spelling or grammar mistake. That's why I'm here: to make sure your document or article is perfect. I can spot mistakes that many proofreaders would miss.
I guarantee that you'll be happy with my service first time!
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For just $5 you will get
  • a fully professional proofreading and editing service
  • 24 hour service guaranteed (24 hours per 1000 words).
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence flow corrections made.
  • Novels, eBooks, articles, essays, blog posts, websites, business plans, etc.

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1000 words will be carefully proofread

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This Package includes 1000 words. For each additional 500 words, the price is $5.