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Description Abundance List Abundance & Healing Profound Abundance
  - Join my abundance list (lifetime) - Join my abundance list (lifetime) - Healing session to intents. - Voice Report. - Join my abundance list (lifetime) - Healing session to intents. - Complete Heal - Voice Report.
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About This Gig

Check my new video above to hear my voice and more information about this gig!

Seeking abundance in love, wealth, friends, family, health and spirituality?

The more energy directed your way, the easier it gets to manifest abundance in all areas in your life. This is NOT a spell, a free will bending gig and you will not win the lottery or the heart of someone when you buy this, but you will attract more light energy into your life and it will help you to access the flow of endless energy that the Universe provides.

I will add you to my abundance list. I send healing every night to the entire list for a while, setting the intents written on it to come to happening. I believe every little helps and $5 as energetic exchange is more than plenty.

Also, I will give you a pdf with a few brief exercises. It is most likely that you have these exercises if you have worked with me on other of my gigs, but here I will assure it gets to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it last?
    Forever. I never erase people from the list. If for some reason, no more energy is needed or desired, Spirit will cut the connection. But no one is erased or removed from the list!
  • Can I add someone else?
    Yes, I only need their names and intents.