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Description Lucid Dreaming Dream and Channel Dream, Channel & Reiki
  - Lucid Dreaming Video Course. - Lucid Dreaming Video Course. - Channeling Manual PDF. - Lucid Dreaming Video Course. - Channeling Manual PDF. - Reiki Manual PDF (3 levels) * $5 Off! *
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About This Gig

Check my new video above to hear my voice!

I have taught in person and online to hundreds of students in well-known lucid dreaming websites as well as my own personal clients. This is a recorded course. Contact me for private mentorship options!

This is a voice recorded Lucid Dreaming Course coming from my own personal experience and success in lucid dreaming. I have been lucid dreaming for my entire life and I have done a lot of research and studies to come up with a powerful technique to bring you success in lucid dreaming as well as dream recall and accomplishing dream goals.

Some of the topics discussed on this course are:

- What is Lucid Dreaming.

- Importance of a Dream Journal.

- Do(s) and Don't(s) before going to bed.

- Learn how to incubate dreams.

-  Learn how to block your mind from wandering away.

- Brief explanation about Wake Back to Bed Technique.

- My own personal techniques.

For the $5 you will receive a glossary and the first class, which it is a big bulk of the course, but for $10 extra I will give you the course entirely. Feel free to just buy the first class and if you desire in a later time to buy the remaining of the course, contact me. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these royalty free?
    No, they are not, however, I provide discounts in bulk purchase and I am also open for distribution and/or royalties. Please, contact me.
  • Do you offer personal mentorship?
    Yes, I do. Send me a message!
  • Is it safe to Lucid Dream?
    Yes it is, it is completely safe for everybody including kids (encouraged), adults or elderly. Lucid Dreaming has nothing to do with religion. If you have psychosis and/or difficulty to differentiate the different realities, please consult with your psychologist before taking this course.