I will assist u with linux technical issues

assist u with linux technical issues

About This Gig


        # we will solve your problems regarding linux from very basic level to high .

->Help to write and execute shellscripts for a particular logic.

-> File Manipulations in linux.

->Disk Management.

-> Attaching printers and job Scheduling.

->Commandline Operations.

->  like problems you face when installing linux operating system on your desktop.

-> dual booting any linux dustribution along side other operating system(eg: windows,mac).

-> problems realted to storage when you install linux on your pc.

-> problems related to permissions for particular directories and folders.

-> problems related to drivers and hardware support (eg :  graphic card, )

-> problems in running linux commands.

-> problems related to updates and software repositories.

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solving linux technical issues

This linux support package includes removal of technical obstacles in linux based os.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.How should we trust you when allowed to operate our pc under issue?
    Yes, there are very rare cases we operate your pc, most of the isuues are solved by perfect documentation or direct support.