I will draw a template to include dimensions

Would work again with Ako, thanks.
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draw a template to include dimensions

About This Gig

In this gig I offer technical ilustration service. This service includes
- Drawing maps and plans to scaled dimensions 
- Creating templates to be used as reference piece to reproduce 3Dimensional objects.
- Drawing out product design concepts to explain how a new product would look like as compared to others
- Any drawing or artwork requiring specified dimensions and scaling.

When you might require technical drawing service.
1. You need a template to give to your manuafcturer
2. You need a visual layout of a product idea.
3. You simply need a designer with the computer aided tools to producte clean vector art to dimensions.
My art is clean, precise and a print ready file which can be enlarged cut out or used for industrial/manufacturing purposes.

Please contact me first before placing your order.

If you want more creative arty stuff,pleae check out my illustration gig.
I offer layout design. 

Order Details

3 days delivery 2 Revisions

Basic dimension

Simple dimensional-length× breadth× width kind of template.