I will install,configure and develop Asterisk

install,configure and develop Asterisk

About This Gig

- Raw asterisk and Elastix/Trixbox/PBXinaFlash install, configuration.
- Implemented Asterisk high availability with DRBD.
- Developed some dialplan to access to database for banking request.
- Optimizing Asterisk/Elastix/PBXinaFlash/Trixbox for Amazon EC2(Meetme is functional).

- VoIP Billing & Termination
- Calling Card with either PIN or Caller ID authentication.
- A2Billing install,configuration and integrating with Elastix/PBXinaFlash/Trixbox.
- DIDs forwarding
- Callback integration including web callback, CID callback, API callback.

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Asterisk Configuration


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