I will resume Cover Letter Writing

resume Cover Letter Writing
resume Cover Letter Writing
resume Cover Letter Writing

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Description Basic Resume Package Standard Resume and Cover Letter Premium Elite Applicant Resume Pack
  Basic Pro Resume Build Revised Edited Proofed and Ready for Employer Resume and Cover Letter Duo Edited Revised Proofed More Carefully Customised Some LinkedIn Optimized completely custom sure to get you noticed! Bold, Proofed Edited 2xbetter, 3 career resumes included
Cover Letter
Seller will include a customized cover letter based on the improved resume
Optimize LinkedIn Profile
Seller will optimize your Linkedin profile based on the improved resume
Custom Design
Seller will provide a custom design for your resume/cover letter
Edit & Rewrite
Seller will edit, rewrite and improve your resume/cover letter
Review & Critique
Seller will review your resume/cover letter in detail
Editable File
Seller will include the original file that allows you to make future edits to the resume/cover letter
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
1 1 2
Delivery time 1 day 2 days 2 days

About This Gig

Will build a professional resume and Cover Letter for you in no time! Also willing to create versions that fit better with each Job type you are applying too if necessary for extra fee! Don't let resumes and cover letters be extra stress in your job finding! Bring the stress to me and I'll take care of the hard part while you focus on what's really important, your career! Focus on your dream job rather than being forced to remember that boss you used to have with the ugly mole who spoke in mono tone! You never liked the job anyways, so why spend the time it takes filling out a resume trying to get that image out of your head long enough to remember what your job there was anyways? Like I said, leave it all up to me!