I will record a voiceover I am an Emmy winner

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by kb2466 about 2 months ago
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absolutely perfect couldnt wish for more !
Reviewed by justonerush 10 months ago
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Amazing work once again! This is exactly why I came back for more voiceover work to add to my projects.
Reviewed by tsubasa28 about 1 year ago
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Even tho it was holiday season, i received my project on time. I appreciate that thank you. very professional and on point.
Reviewed by trixtah about 1 year ago
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Very professional, high caliber voice delivered with a very high quality, crisp and clean wav file. You did a great job for our project. Exactly what we needed! Thanks!
Reviewed by hi5brandon over 1 year ago
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This is great. Thank you.
Reviewed by scurlock almost 2 years ago
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record a voiceover I am an Emmy winner

About This Gig

I'm an Emmy-award winning journalist - a news anchor, reporter and an actor. You can catch my work on IMDb  under Annette Lawless. You can also catch my work under my YouTube page - YouTube.com/AnnetteLawless.

I will record a 60-SECOND voiceover for you to your satisfaction.

Age range - teenager to mid-30's.

I can record it with a bit of flair, having much acting experience, including being in The Avengers and Fun Size.

I do have significant experience as a voice actor, having been featured in films and commercials. 

P.S. I did win an Emmy in 2013 for reporting in Cleveland, Ohio.