I will get you ready for successful crowdfunding

get you ready for successful crowdfunding
get you ready for successful crowdfunding

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Description Standard Plan Tailored Plan Detailed Analysis & Tailored Plan
  Submit your idea & get a suitable 30 day crowdfunding plan. Great for simple ideas. Submit your idea & business outline. Get a tailored crowdfunding plan. Good for small teams. Submit your idea, business plan & marketing strategy. Get my full attention. Only the best.
Tailored Action Plan
Seller will provide a tailored action plan to improve your marketing strategy
Customer Segmentation
Seller will segment customers and provide customer archetypes
Marketing Strategy Report
Seller will review your marketing strategy and provide a report highlighting issues
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About This Gig


Crowdfunding is constantly evolving and is still a giant question mark for you. My knowledge was acquired through personal experience with crowdfunding as a startup. While there are many routes to success, few take note of the hidden pitfalls. Let me help you avoid these traps & get funded.

Check Availability Before Paying
Please drop me a message regarding availability as I am caring for my elderly father with Advanced Parkinson's Disease. I may not be able to handle too many jobs at once.

Standard Plan

I will provide you with an action plan to start your crowdfunding journey. It will be suited to the idea you have provided and will work within your budget.

Tailored Plan

Once provided with your idea & business outline, you will get a budget-tailored action plan for easy execution.

Detailed Analysis & Tailored Plan

With your idea, business plan & marketing strategy, you will get a budget-tailored action plan targeted at specific customer segments. You will also get a vetted copy of your marketing strategy with recommendations in line with your customer segments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need an action plan for crowdfunding?
    You don't need one if your goal is to be one of the thousands of obscure ideas that never gets funded. What many people don't realize is that you need a strategic action plan to increase the exposure of your idea in order for it to get funded.
  • What's the difference between Standard & Tailored Plan?
    A standard plan is one that contains strategic marketing tips that you can follow to improve the success of your campaign. A tailored plan is one that contains targeted marketing actions that is geared towards your target audience.
  • Why do I need a detailed analysis?
    With a detailed analysis of your customer segment, the tailored action plans will focus exclusively on your target audience, maximizing every dollar spent on marketing.
  • Why does it take so long? Is there a template for crowdfunding success?
    The surest way to fail is to follow a cookie-cutter action plan that isn't suited to your idea. Each plan is built around your idea. I will need time to evaluate ever-changing media consumption habits before providing the most up to date action plan for you.
  • Why must I wait for revisions?
    I am currently caring for my elderly father who has advanced Parkinson's Disease. Simple or complicated, revisions will take up to three days, I hope you understand.