I will promote your music video on Twitter

promote your music video on Twitter

About This Gig

I will post your music video link (Youtube, Vimeo, The8App or Facebook Video) on the account of Whataheal. The Whataheal network connects with several web marketing leaders which will join the promotion campaign giving RTs that will help with the SEO and exposure of your video. 

GIG PRICE: $5 dollars

I personally know each one of them and work a lot of time in marketing cooperation. The promotion objetive are:

  • ·         Exposure on Twitter (your Twitter account will be tagged)
  • ·         SEO purpose
  • ·         Following and hashtag distribution coverage
  • ·         Organic and real views

All the stats (provided by Twitter) analytics will be offered after the campaign and delivered into your email or via Fiverr order -- panel.

@Whataheal has 10,000+ people.
@FSPN8 is the holding parent company and has 8,900+ people 
@SonhosImortais is a lead account with a young target audience and has 3,000+ people

The tweet will be launched via @whataheal and retweeted by @FSPN8 and @SonhosImortais – this is the terms of execution, or, what I will do if you buy this gig.

·         EXTRAS

You can buy the Extra Gigs:

I will tweet your music video link by 4 weeks 

Order Details

2 days delivery

Music Video Promotion on Twitter

Promoting 1 Music Video on Twitter Account of @Whataheal Media

Gig Paused