I will be Greeny, the frog, your Animal Spokesperson

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Reviewed by wgrote over 3 years ago
Liked your work. Well done.
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Great job!
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be Greeny, the frog, your Animal Spokesperson
be Greeny, the frog, your Animal Spokesperson
be Greeny, the frog, your Animal Spokesperson

About This Gig

Be lively and dynamic!

Have fun virtually in real life with our characters and our sophisticated, funny or serious animated digital hosts.  Surprise and enliven your e-mails, brighten up your web and Facebook pages, compete on YouTube and win money with YOUR unique videos…!

We bring life to your pictures and illustrations by synchronizing them with your voice or text which is read by our "text to speech" speakers to broadcast your message, to make your ad, information and activity profitable, to surprise your students, your clients or even the love of your life!

With "Greenie", our cartoon character, we record a 60 seconds video. We convert the script you send us (100 words maximum) into a 60 secs voice file, using high quality text to speech (WE DON'T RECORD VOICEOVER OURSELVES, but you can easily find voiceovers on Fiverr, as in our video example above - or we'll be glad to give you a few names on Fiverr) , or we import YOUR audio message, record it with audio lip sync, and send you 4 video files:
 - 1080p full HD
- Flash/SWF and HTML page

Order Details

3 days delivery


a 1080p HD avi, a WMV and a MOV files

  • Overlay Text
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Add Logo
Number of words
This Package includes 100 words. For each additional 50 words, the price is $5.