I will install and Optimize Vestacp with free LetsEncript SSL

Great seller. Outstanding experience. Will do business again.
Reviewed by tmbond 6 months ago
Outstanding experience. Seller is a good person. Will do business again.
Reviewed by tmbond 7 months ago
RECOMMENDED!! I'm Extremely Satisfied with his professional service. This is buck for the bang :) He is extremely professional and easy to work with. The VPS is setup as described and I love his work.
Reviewed by david24hussey 8 months ago
Great work, Wonderful job. Love what you did. Thanks
Reviewed by wayland33 8 months ago
Second gig. Awesome person and GREAT job! RECOMMENDED!
Reviewed by buyguymatt 8 months ago
install and Optimize Vestacp with free LetsEncript SSL

About This Gig

I will 

- Install your server or VPS with VestaCP control panel, preferably CentOS 6.7 for better Security and compatibility.
- Optimize it for speed.
- Setup SSL with Fee Letsencrypt in Vesta CP.
- Install caching module for FREE of charge such as Redis, APCu, setup Zend Op-cache.

I can configure your server with latest technology used by Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc for your website. 

Configuration Setup as follows:

1. Nginx 1.10 - This is a blazing fast release of nginx.
2. HTTP/2 - It is based on the SPDY protocol, originally developed by Google. This can use multiple simultaneous connections which downloads the website 10x faster.
3. PHP 7 - This version of php is the best release after 5.x which was released a decade ago. This has a simlar performance boost for your website like HHVM, developed by Facebook. (Vestacp currently works well with PHP7 only on Centos 6.7 )
4. Let's Encrypt - Automatically obtain and FREE Valid SSL certificates for your website.

I will do all this above mentioned and more in just 1Gig.

Please contact me if you need any other custom configuration apart from the one mentioned above.

***********Please send me a message even if you see me offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the details needed before placing an order?
    1. SSH - IP address, Port number, root username and password. 2. Primary Domain 3. Details of the OS installed on the server 4. VPS/ Dedicated server Hosting Control Panel Credentials