I will master and mix you tune professionaly

master and mix you tune professionaly

About This Gig

I will professionaly mastering your song/track in a professional studio, using monitors, tables and more. All I need it a 24/44hz wave file at -6db or -4db, then it's my turn. I will export your mastering in MP3 320Kbps, so, if you're looking for the wave file just grab the extra. I can also send you the project file, so you'll have a standard to follow for you masterings, but this will charge an extra, obviously. Be sure to check out the extra gigs, I guarantee 100% satisfation for my clients and professional results. If you also need a mixdown for your tune, check out the xtra, as previously said, will make it sounds great as the standards of industries requests.

Order Details

2 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my mastering sound bad in mp3?
    No, of course, but if you want a quality product i highly suggest to buy the wave extra gig. Mainly if you're going to send it to music labels or networks.