I will write you sarcastic poetry

write you sarcastic poetry

About This Gig

Feeling snarky? 

Ever wish you had the perfect, snarky poem to give to your ex? Or your lover you just caught cheating? Need the perfect phrasing for that back-handed compliment for that one person you can't stand? Or perhaps you and your friends just enjoy "jerk" humor. I know I do! 

I will provide you with a rhyming poem, snarky letter, or back-handed hallmark card type comment you are looking for. 

With a max of 150 words, I will create for you, the expression you would like to shout from the roof tops. 

What I need from you:

1. The situation
2. The style you would like (poem, letter, one-liner etc)
3. Any names or things I should mention
4. Anything else relevant 

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