I will transcribe 20 Minutes Worth of Audio

transcribe 20 Minutes Worth of Audio

About This Gig

I will transcribe twenty minutes worth of audio whether it is an interview, a speech, a lecture, etc. I will transcribe it for you and deliver it in four days with one revision. No late work from me!
  • Maximum speaker is two; additional speaker will be $5
  • Another twenty minutes of audio may require additional two days.
  • An additional speaker may also require more time.
  • I will convert the text into PDF for additional $5.
  • Time Reference and Verbatim can be negotiable

Order Details

Transcription Work

I will transcribe 20 minutes of dialogue between two speakers with one revision.

  • Proofreading
  • Up to 2 Speakers
4 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you do English well?
    Provided it is American English, yes I can. Any other dialects like British English are difficult for me at the moment.