I will create your optimal listing on Airbnb

create your optimal listing on Airbnb

About This Gig

Offer is valid only for customers without an account on Airbnb! Customers with an account should contact me per message so I can create a separate offer.

I will create your listing on Airbnb and make it optimal with a good ranking in the search engine. Furthermore I will save it into the Wish Lists of my accounts and write you a reference (both things influence significantly the ranking). 

For this sake:

1. You have to be a new Airbnb user (without an account on Airbnb); 

2. You have to register on Airbnb via a link which I will send you (this way we both will profit from the invitational promotion); 

3. You will have to send me per E-Mail the pics of your listing and the desired text (description and detailed description of the listing).

4. Upon registering (via the link which you will receive from me) you have to send me the password for your Airbnb account. So set a temporary password which you can easily change later on. I will this way log into your account and create everything in the best way.