I will research, brainstorm and mindmap your idea

A true professional. Was patient and asked the right questions. I look forward to working with Alex in the future.
Reviewed by lucasjamison 12 months ago
research, brainstorm and mindmap your idea

About This Gig

I'm quite experienced at researching and giving ideas. I've been putting my ideas to work since the time I got my first computer. During all this time, I've expanded my skills, and got experience in hundreds of earning opportunities.

For $5, I will use my time to think and gather information (research) regarding your topic. The plan will be constructed in the form of a mindmap, in detail and containing every branch I can get information on.

After brainstorming your idea I'm going to take a piece of paper, and draw the mindmap. After finishing, I'm going to take a picture and deliver it to you along with extra info.

This gig is perfect for anyone who is considering starting a business, considering a future or expanding his current activities.

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