I will write your commercial script

write your commercial script
write your commercial script

About This Gig

This gig is for a 1 min commercial/tutorial, a 250 words article, concept development from your idea', Voice Overs or the proofread for any of the above or other related documents to a story (separately). I can read up to 1k words (5 pgs.) of content to accrue the script's information.

CONTACT ME FIRST to get a custom price quote because this gig isn't $5 and I need to verify your Company NOT your website, before starting the job. Note that I don't ghost/co-write.

Remember that on anything I write: The initial story/concept's ownership always belongs to you, but I do this to get credited as the scriptwriter so I can grant you ownership over the script. Please notify me of the content publishing within at least 90 days of delivery. If the credits are in writing, please back link to my page on my name. I.e. Alexandra Bello (link) from the website where this script/video will be posted on. In failure to do that, you are granted the right to use the script but you will lose ownership rights over it.

I deliver on .PDF only, but we revise the content until ready (pref. 1).  All my deliveries are protected under confidentiality privilege as long as you have ownership rights.