I will configure CloudFlare for your domain with SSL

Very Good! 5*
Reviewed by konen84 18 days ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by aceofspadesz 17 days ago
I trust no other than this freelancer for updating my sites with security.
Reviewed by nuclearwerewolf 18 days ago
As usual, outstanding service from this freelancer that goes above the call to make me happy. GG. :)
Reviewed by nuclearwerewolf 22 days ago
Thanks, recommended!
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I keep this freelancer in my "always hire" list.
Reviewed by nuclearwerewolf about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by stemfit about 1 month ago
Absolutely awesome. Now I have a green bar :).
Reviewed by nuclearwerewolf about 1 month ago
Fantastic Job! Fixed it exactly how it needed it.
Reviewed by jherring about 2 months ago
Great work as always, will come back for more.
Reviewed by radman22 2 months ago
Great work for the price. A green security bar now shows on my client's website. Thank you.
Reviewed by nuclearwerewolf 3 months ago
All tasks perfectly executed! Very professionell and reliable! Highly recommended!
Reviewed by complext 8 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by dmekersa 10 months ago
Great work. Seller did urgent work for me right away. Good communication. Recommended.
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Outstanding work. Completed in an extremely quick time. Understood my issue and helped me out. Thanks!
Reviewed by bigguu254 11 months ago
Well done, thanks
Reviewed by samehelsokkary about 2 years ago
configure CloudFlare for your domain with SSL
configure CloudFlare for your domain with SSL

About This Gig

Now all website will be benefits of Cloudflare Free SSL. But how to config? I will help you with that.

You will need an account with CloudFlare.

Benefits of Cloudflare

1) Accelerate speed of your website massively by loading content from server closer to the website visitor
2) It reduces bandwidth thanks to comprehensive CDN
3) Protect your site against malicious visitors/bots
4) Provides report for bandwidth saved and attacks prevented.

Please kindly contact me if there is any queries or confusion prior to order.

Works with Wordpress, SugarCRM, Joomla, Hostgator, Drupal, and other opensource you want.


1 Day setup only = + 1 more Gigs
Setup Pro Plan  = + 2 more Gigs