I will record the guitar or the bass part for your song

Always excellent.
Reviewed by uprisingmuser 4 days ago
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Amazingly talented, perfect every time.
Reviewed by uprisingmuser 8 days ago
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Excellent as always! Great person to work with.
Reviewed by uprisingmuser 19 days ago
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Very friendly and talented guy!
Reviewed by uprisingmuser 20 days ago
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Fantastic! He's a busy guy, so I can understand that a buyer might have been disappointed by a missed deadline, but he is a VERY talented musician and goes FAR BEYOND what other session musicians would offer to make sure a client is happy! Blessed to have worked with you, Alex! Looking forward to more projects with you!
Reviewed by ldikin 3 months ago
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Splendid work. Spot on and on time. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by vicsmashers 8 months ago
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record the guitar or the bass part for your song

About This Gig

Do you want to create your own music?
You have some ideas but you don't know how to continue to a great result or maybe you don't have the necessary gear to do it?

Well, welcome my friend and say hello to your new guitar player or why not to your new band formed by guitarists, bassist, pianist, violinist, backing vocals.

If you need more than that or maybe just some extras, I can offer you a string quartet and percussion (cajon, shaker, etc.) or even a drum truck!

Let's make music together!

This is a short video I made for a riff competition:

This is a video I recorded the guitar on Fiverr for:

Electric guitar: - PRS SE Tremonti Custom 2014
                        - Squier Stratocaster (Mexico)

Acoustic guitar: - Epiphone SST Studio

Bass Guitar: - Squier Jazz Bass Affinity

Guitar amp: - Marshall AVT50x
Bass   amp: - Fender Rumble 100W

Microphone: Audio-Technica AT2035 (condenser mic)
DAW: - Ableton Live 9 
          - Reaper

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