I will write and record a song for anything you want

write and record a song for anything you want

About This Gig

Hi!  My name is Alex J. Krug and I love writing music!  I'll be completely honest, I have been writing music for only 4 months now but that's pretty good considering I have recorded over 60 songs (6 albums) in that small amount of time!  If you would like to sample my music, just look up BAPOS on SoundCloud and you can hear all my work!  
My band (I'm a solo artist) is called BAPOS and I record anything as long as vocals aren't involved.  I will record anything you want me too and I will have it finished within 4 days maximum.  
I have a wide variety of genres i like to stick to such as progressive, instrumental, orchestral, symphonic, metal, experimental, industrial, electro, and robostep but I am always open to exploring other types of music if you need me to!  I play a 7 string guitar and I know how to play it well, I have been playing guitar for about 6 years, and I also do strings, woodwind instruments, horns, and drums, digitally with my music software.
So give me a challenge!  Ask me to write you a commercial jingle, a movie score, some background music, the list goes on!  I will have your music recorded and ready for you before you can say 'Thank You BAPOS!'

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7 days delivery