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Need to convert your file(s) - tailored to fit your needs?
As an on-site audiovisual production transcriber and editorial proofreader, some of the projects I've had include:
    • project editing - liaising with authors/ghostwriters
  • designing workbook, menu templates, business cards, and the like
  • structured scripts for films/radio commercials
    • architectural/medical/scientific material
   -- and a wide variety of projects from different types of clients

View my samples from the gallery above - click the full screen tab. I can provide samples relevant to your needs upon request.

  • Document Transcription/Editorial Proofreading (word count tracked): $5 per 1000 words (800 words for handwritten notes)

  • Audio/Video (Clean Verbatim) Transcription: $10 per 15 minutes of material with two speakers ($5 fee for every additional speaker/s, if any)
       Full Verbatim: $90 CENTS per minute of material
       Standard Time-coding: $5 per 30 minutes of material (may vary)
For custom orders and/or large volume projects, I'm open to discussing price quotes - let's connect and let me know your terms!

For other services, view FAQs below or go to: fiverr.com/alexracca

Order Details

File Conversion

(1000 words for PDF or encrypted document to editable file) (800 words for handwritten notes)

  • Format Text
  • Format Tables
  • Format Images
3 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What other services do you provide?
    VA and data encoding services, $7 per hour for basic tasks; $12-$25+ for bigger projects. Proofreading, $5 per 1000 words. Custom art & designs, $15-$80+. Go to my main page to view in details what more I have to offer or simply contact me for these requests.