I will analyze 1000 sales from 4 Etsy shops in your niche

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analyze 1000 sales from 4 Etsy shops in your niche
analyze 1000 sales from 4 Etsy shops in your niche
analyze 1000 sales from 4 Etsy shops in your niche

About This Gig

When you start a new shop on Etsy, your first concern is to know what other people are selling. Luckily, Etsy does not make a secret from this most valuable data. You can see how many items others are selling, and what type of products.

But the problem is:
You never know what to do with these lists of sold items. What conclusions to make? How to find ideas for your new listings and descriptions? How to make better photos that sell your product?
Here is my solution:
You choose 4 shops in your niche that sell good number of products. I will analyze 250 sales using my machine learning software and present you with a neat set of PDF files and images contaning the following info based on last 250 sales from this shop:
- image with the 10 bestsellers from this shop in descending order based on sales;
- PDF with 10 products from this list, with pictures, descriptions, titles and TAGS. You can use these tags and pictures and titles as inspirations for your new products.
As of May 2016, there is an update in Etsy Shop management. Some of the shops make their sales hidden from public. Please make sure you can view their list of sales (there is a link) or check with me before ordering so I verify.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find my competitors?
    Just make a search on Etsy using your primary keywords, and will be presented with hundreds of results. Look at a dozen of products, and click a link to a shop's name. See how many sales they did, and if their sales page is open. Then send a list of these shops to me, and I will do the analysis.
  • How can I find that shops sales are open?
    Look at the left navigation, and under shop's sections you will see a link with shop's number of sales. If it is not active, then we cannot do the analysis. If it leads to a list of sold items, then this shop is suitable for analysis.
  • How can I get the best from this gig of yours?
    When I send you my report, it contain a lot of extremely useful information. First is the distribution of bestsellers. If you see that one item is sold 97 times over the span of last 250 sales, it is clearly the item with best used keywords and photos (and price, too). Look at key factors,use them!
  • Can I do this work myself?
    Yes, you can. But you will spend hours with Excel spreadsheets and formulas. Then copying and organizing. I will do this incredulous work in this gig by using automated data research and calculus. You get a lot of advantages by using it. And you save a lot of your time and energy.