I will find more than 500 popular Etsy tags and keywords in your niche

find more than 500 popular Etsy tags and keywords in your niche

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Description 500-700 Niche Keywords Tags 800-1000 Niche Keywords Tags up to 2000 tags from 20 shops
  Depending on niche or shops provided, I will report from 500 to 700 tags keywords. Provide 1000-1500 Tags plus research and niche and provide a 400 word report Provide up to 2000 keywords plus make a 800w research in the niche plus evaluate customer shop
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About This Gig

Let me put it simple. Your ability to put correct keyphrases and tags in the three areas of your Etsy listing is crucial for your both internal and external Etsy SEO:
- in the 13 tags section (and my tags are in perfect conformance with 20 digits limitation that Etsy has)
- in the title of your listing (that has a 150 or more characters, so a few can go there)
- in the description itself
you can use some in Styles, Materials, Who is it For, etc - wherever appliable.

What I can do: I look at 5-7 successful shops in your niche, someone who is already established and has done research and come to some conclusions, look at ALL their listings, take all the tags and analyze them.

I also SORT them from most to least popular. And you really have a lot of choice for your own products!

What I need: up to 7 names of shops in your niche (preferrably), or just keywords to choose shops myself. I prefer that you find your competition yourself as it will be more efficient for you, you know it better than me.