I will load testing your site

load testing your site
load testing your site

About This Gig

$ 5 gets you a stress test or increasing load.

Stress Tests 
200 virtual users for 20 minutes from 1 loc.

Stress tests are simulated “brute force” attacks that apply excessive load to your webserver. “Real world” situations like this can be created by a massive spike of users –caused by a large referrer (imagine your website being mentioned on national TV…). Another example would be an email marketing campaign sent to prospective customers that asks them to come to the website to register for a service or request additional information.

Ramp Tests 
From 1 to 150 virtual users for 30 minutes from 1 loc.

Ramp Tests are variations of Stress Tests in which the number of users is increased over the life of the test-from a single user to hundreds of users. By reviewing the graphs of click times and errors, a Ramp Tests can help you determine what maximum load a server can handle while providing optimal access to web resource

Available locations:

N. Europe: Ireland 
W. Europe: Netherlands
UK South: London
S. Asia: Singapore
East Asia: Hong Kong
E. Australia: New South Wales
W. US: California
E. Canada: Quebec City
Korea Central:Seoul
China North:Beijing

After testing, you will receive a report on the work.

Order Details

2 days delivery

Load testing site with a high load

Site stress test or increasing workload for $ 5

  • Test Scenario
  • Summary Report
  • 10 Pages Tested