I will telepathic reading result guarantee

telepathic reading result guarantee
telepathic reading result guarantee

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  1 to 2 specific questions Include a powerful ritual to answer with 3 to 9 questions. Unlimited question for one years. Best Value.
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About This Gig

Telepathy can be a very powerful tool, don't take any chance and make sure then the person truly love you or can be trust. Don't let anybody lie to you and get the truth. If you need then someone do something very specific, this kind of gig can also help you. Take note then all my work come with a full lifetime guarantee results. If you want to increase your psychic ability, make sure to directly click the appropriate extra.

I will provide you a telepathic reading. It you wish to implant an idea into the mind of someone, simply click the extra above. If you need any other effect to this request make sure to simply let me know.

All request come with a full lifetime guarantee results. If you want to know what the person is thinking, its perfect but remember then its also possible to affect someone with any idea of your choice. It can help you to get a job, make the perfect interview or simply get love of someone.

Make sure to click the extra you want when you order. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do this gig come with a guarantee of working and be genuine ?
    Yes, absolutely all my work come with a Full lifetime guarantee results and is 100% risk free. If you don't fully love the results you get all your fund back. I am the only one to offer Full lifetime guarantee on all my work and the reason is simple, i provide the most powerful results on fiverr.
  • Do you offer more powerful and custom request ?
    Yes i offer a very large spectrum of other request, treatment and spell for all your need. If you need anything, its very easy you simply let me know and i will provide you exactly what you need.
  • How can i remove my debt and increase my income ?
    There is many spells and wealth request in your situation, if you need to increase your financial situation and improve it, i can provide you a powerful wealth attraction to make sure you get the income you need. This spell also come with a Full lifetime guarantee.
  • How can i increase my psychic capacity ?
    As you can read in the description, you simply have to click the gig extra to add it. I will provide you the appropriate ritual to make sure we increase your capacity and help you to use your full potential.
  • Can i implant any idea or project or control someone with this request ?
    Absolutely, Anything you want can be implant into the mind of the person.
  • Can i attract love, wealth, happiness and unlock my psychic ability with this gig ?
    Yes, this gig is perfect for that kind of results.
  • It is possible to guarantee then i will win the lottery with your work or get a new income ?
    Absolutely, in fact Lottery request is one of the most popular custom request i provide. If you want to get it, its very easy. You simply let me know how much you want to win and i will confirm you what will be the best request for your situation.
  • I desire to my new income from a lottery or clean my debt with your ritual, do you provide any guarantee ?
    Absolutely, all my work come with a Full lifetime guarantee results and satisfaction. If you are not 100% happy with the results you get all your fund back.
  • I want to clean my karma and my life from negative energy and low vibration do you provide it ?
    Yes i will be very happy to provide you a karmic cleaning treatment, the best aspect of this treatment is then it will not only fully clean your life from karmic blockages and bad energy but will also prevent it for your future.