I will proofread 1300 russian words in 24 hours

proofread 1300 russian words in 24 hours

About This Gig

I will proofread up to 1300 words (1 gig) in russian language for spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as for verbosity, ambiguity, awkward sentences, etc. I will do my best to fulfill your order within 24 hours.

For orders over 2500 words, please contact me first for a quote and a time estimate. I use Microsoft Word for my proofreading. No .pdf files please!

If you have any questions and concerns about this gig or your order, then feel free to contact me anytime! If you change any part of your document, or would like me to relook over anything you're not sure about, please let me know and we can make sure everything looks perfect together.

Russian language is my mother tongue and I am a college graduate majoring in tourism management, so I have fluent english and russian.

Feel free to order proofreading of any essays, blogs, articles, fiction, website content, ebooks, interviews, advertisements, etc.

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