I will write your emails for you for $5

write your emails for you
write your emails for you

About This Gig


The purpose of email marketing is to "sell the click." For emails to be effective, they must be able to convince the reader to click the link to your site or sales letter. You can also do some pre-selling to get your readers in the "buying mood" before they actually go to your website and buy something. If all this sounds good to you, order this gig.


$5 - Short email of 75-100 words (no headline)
$20 - One effective email of 200 or more words (includes headline)
$50 - Three engaging emails that your readers will love
$80 - Five email sequence with story in chapters (converts the best)
$150 - Ten power-packed emails that will skyrocket your business

Don't settle for these other people with no feedback and no rating. You'll notice that my ratings are stellar. I took a break for a while but now it's time to give back to the Fiverr community that got me started on my path to the Laptop Lifestyle.

***Contact me prior to placing an order. I will need to know what page you want people to go to and how/why people got onto your email list. This is a concept called "congruency" that most providers completely overlook.***