I will write you a 160 bar rap tour de force


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Beat: Phatogram- When I'm Small

10 verses, 16 bars a piece
80 phrases setting up 80 punchlines neatly
Killin' it completley, Keepin' the secret
Just because I ghostwrote it doesn't mean I'll leak it

160 lines to incept ya dreams
Goin commando on the flow, no weaponry
I'm bareknuckle brawlin' the gods in the parthenon
Speakin' thru the group a rappers buyin' the shit out my songs

I'mma fuckin' goddess, pumpin' out lyrical tour de forces
The best lyricist alive that still remains unrecorded
Fillin up my drawers with fire for our days in the forrest
When we find, the end of days, and It's time, to fan the blaze

So rewind, play that again, I be badder then average men
I be killin' niggaz by singin' and rappin' like armageddon
Looks like, my karma's ending, I speak to you condescendingly
Killin' niggaz for anything, rippin' limbs offa enemies

Stabbin' niggaz who step to me like the skin of anemones
Writin' flows for electronic money, digital mercenary
Fillin' hearses with persons buried in need ah' critical surgery
Tell the judge I'm not the sickest, be convicted of perjury

MC Alhena, haven't heard of me, cuz' I'mma ghostwriter
Making million of dollars selling my flows on fiverr

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