I will design a personalized diet plan for $5

/ 12 Days On Average
design a personalized diet plan
design a personalized diet plan
design a personalized diet plan
design a personalized diet plan

About This Gig

Fitness is  good diet +  exercise. Whatever your fitness goal is, I know how to achieve it.
Do you Want to lose weight?
Tone up?
Appear healthier?
Build mass muscle?
I am academically qualified RD as well as experienced in sculpting the body, keeping  it fit. I will make a clinically approved diet plan to fit perfectly with your goal, and I guarantee, if you put the effort, you will achieve what you want.

About me:
 I am a registered dietitian (Internationally certified(RD)) and general physician available for clinically approved diet consultations for . I have 9 years experience in developing diet plans and medical consultations around the globe in the health care and fitness sector.   I have worked with many top hospitals in our metropolitan city and have handled varied real life cases.

I also write articles and provide consultation  on health and fitness (health care domain).

NOTE: We give clinically approved diet plans which actually work and also improve your general well being . Diet plans offered by unqualified people may show some quick results but are very harmful in the long term and can cause various diseases in the future.