I will do all kinds of analytics on your data

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do all kinds of analytics on your data

About This Gig

I have successfully executed many data analytics projects from start to end and have  deep experience in most modern and traditional analytics toolkits in R, Python, and Matlab.

My services include:
- Data analysis for business ,research and marketing purposes
- Data Mining from both unstructured and structured data
- Expert Systems design and implementation
- Statistics (regression analysis, hypothesis testing, etc)
- Quantitative market research data analysis (including CHAID, conjoint and other advanced techniques)
- Statistical consulting 
-  econometrics, 
- ROI analysis
- Churn prediction

- Simple/Multiple Linear Regressions

- Simple/Multinomial Logistic regression

- Time Series Analysis and Many More. 

- MANONA and ANOVA models.

I have good experience on most  Machine Learning Algorithms like:

Decision Tress, Linear Regression, Naive Bayes, Neural Networks, SVMs, Nearest Neighbors, Logistic Regression, Rule Learning, Bagging, Boosting

I will also provide you with performance metrics, visualizations and evaluation report of the algorithm.

Beside implementation I can write technical reports of high academic quality.