I will perform demand forecasting for your business

perform demand forecasting for your business

About This Gig

We offer Demand forecasting  services for  predicting future demand of your product or service on the basis of the past events and prevailing trends in the present using a gamut of advanced data driven techniques like statistical modelling, machine learning, deep learning and expert systems.

We offer the following services:

  • Improve the accuracy of the forecast, using statistical modelling techniques such as neural networks and multi-variate linear regression
  • Solve business problems as part of a team
  • Issue long term forecasts and predictions based on sound statistical principles.

Techniques used:
  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • Extrapolation
  • Group method of data handling (GMDH)
  • Reference class forecasting
  • Quantitative analogies
  • Rule-based forecasting
  • Neural networks
  • Data mining
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Causal models
  • Exponential Smoothing Models
  • Box-Jenkins Models
  • Hybrid Models