I will brainstorm story, essay or research ideas with you

brainstorm story, essay or research ideas with you

About This Gig

To help you get out of writer's block, or build a concept for a story, essay or research book. I will discuss your concept with you and bounce ideas off you in the Order Messages. Once you're back on track or within a week of messaging, whichever comes first, I'll mark the Gig as complete.

I will work with you on an individual level. If you find music helps you get creative, I will find you some inspiring music. If you'd like for me to write a few paragraphs to inspire you, I shall. If you want to compose sketches of your characters, I can do that. I will answer up to three messages daily, more if they are simple and I have the time, only three if they require in-depth research or sketching. I am basically giving you a week of three or more daily messages designed to inspire you.

If for whatever reason I have failed to answer all the messages you sent over the week, feel free to order a redo and we can redo however many days I missed.

If you'd rather I write you the content myself, please look at my Gigs "I will proof read anything in Spanish or English" and "I will write short stories and essays", or send me a Private Message.