I will migrate WordPress move WordPress transfer WordPress

migrate WordPress move WordPress transfer WordPress

About This Gig

I will clone wordpress, migrate WordPress, move WordPress, transfer WordPress site from one host to another host or one domain to another domain, su-bdomain to main domain localhost to online/server.

I will do,
  1. Transfer from one domain to another domain.
  2. Clone From one server to another server.
  3. Transfer localhost to online.
  4. 100% Satisfaction with Express Delivery
  5. Also deliver within 12 hours (check extra gig, and contact me)
  6. unlimited size(For more than 1GB, contact me).

(For same domain but want to transfer one server/host to another server/host, you need to transfer the domain or change the DNS to point in new server/host contact me for help about it)

I need the following

  • Cpanel information of both site
  • Login information of both site (If already wordpress installed)
  • Please contact me before order for better service. I will try to reply within 1 hour.

From localhost to server, Upload your localhost files and database in your server and give me your cpanel information.

Order will be delivered within 24 hours or less ! (If all info provided is correct)

Order Details


I will transfer, move or migrate your website

1 day delivery unlimited Revisions
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